STUART BOURNE: Finding The Liberal Question

Stuart is a columnist for Liberal Base and Tweets @stueybourne.   There is an old political saying, ‘a campaign isn’t a fight over two answers of the same question, but it’s a […]

JACK HARRISON: Jack Talks Press Freedom

Following Extinction Rebellion protests at a Murdoch printers in Hertfordshire, the freedom of the British press has once again become a dominant topic for debate. But does a one-day protest at a newspaper warehouse really impede on press freedom nationally?

ALAN COLLINS ROSELL: Time To Unite Behind Ed Davey

Alan is a columnist for Liberal Base and Liberal Democrat activist from Medway. He Tweets @alancollinspdb. “How many seconds in eternity?” an emperor asks a shepherd boy in a fairy tale […]

DAVID WARREN: The Way We Used To Care

David is a former carer and a member of Horsham Liberal Democrats. The NHS was established in 1948 to cover the health and care of all citizens – including the […]


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