The Social Democrat Group work within the Liberal Democrat Party. Their executive includes George Kendall, Rob Jackson, Colin McDougall, Mathew Hulbert and Michael Mullaney. They can be found at


We pay tribute to the hard work of Dorothy Thornhill and the rest of the review panel. It is an excellent report, which honestly lays out the problems in the campaign. We particularly welcome the following paragraph:

“We enjoy debate and discussion and are rightly proud of what we stand for; but we have become very good at talking to ourselves about the things we like to talk about. This has come at the expense of constantly thinking about what ‘normal’ people care about and building everything we do around trying to help them.”

– Dorothy Thornhll, Liberal Democrat General Election Review 2019 (May 2020)

Much of the report is concerned with problems related to the internal workings of the party. But we believe the above paragraph is a more serious issue. If we Liberal Democrats do not think enough about the concerns of the many and how to help them, we will continue to fail to win their support.

As social democrats within the Liberal Democrats, our focus is on bread-and-butter issues like health, education and housing.

The party was formed from a merger of the Liberals and the Social Democrats. If the social democrat tradition of our party were more prominent in our thinking, we would have to give more emphasis to these issues. Instead, our social democratic heritage is often forgotten.

Sadly, the report is an example of this. In its 61 pages, it uses the word Liberal to describe the party’s values numerous times. Not once does it use the word social democracy. To reconnect with many of the voters we have lost, we need to start talking about our social democratic values.

To do that, our leadership needs to help the party reconnect with this too often forgotten half of our party’s founding heritage. We in the Social Democrat Group are here to help in any way we can.

For more information on getting involved in the Social Democratic Group signing up for their newsletter or joining the group visit

George Kendall,

Rob Jackson

Colin McDougall

Mathew Hulbert

Michael Mullaney

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